How can Evva help your family?

We know your needs may change over the course of your loved one's illness. Don't worry, Evva is here to help you every step of the way!


Access important information at your fingertips

Your loved one’s medical conditions, medications, their functional status, resources available to help, and more – you don't have to worry any more about collecting and maintaining information from scores of different sources. Evva makes it easily accessible to you in just a few taps!

Stay on top of things

Overwhelmed by everything you need to figure out as a caregiver? Evva is here to help. Evva orchestrates the flow of information based on their role, so you can focus more on what matters - being there for your loved one!

Easily assign tasks to others in the group, track progress, and document key observations
Get other caregivers and professionals on the same page with monitoring tools
Receive coaching for your own-self care and personal routine from Evva's digital assistant
and more...

Build and easily manage a care team

Evva orchestrates the flow of information based on their role, so you can lean on the entire team to not only care for your loved one, but also you as the caregiver! Evva ensures you are never alone in this journey. Your care team may include -

Other family members, neighbors, volunteers
Professionals (e.g., physicians, home care)
Community and religious organizations
and more – curate it how you like!

Lean on your Evva community for support

Have a question? Or need help with a care task? You are not alone!

Evva's Community enables family caregivers to get the right answers from vetted professionals and seek for help from other community members, when needed. Evva connects like-minded family members and professionals to help you find the best resource to meet your unique needs.

If you ever need help, just send out a "Bat Signal" and one of the other community caregivers can always help you navigate your challenges.


Your own digital caregiving companion

Evva’s powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses reinforced learning to continuously adapt and optimize to provide you the best personal care experience, which includes -

Educational content and exercises curated specifically to your needs
Customized check-ins to rapidly understand your loved one and your emerging needs
Matching with resources in your community to help you manage and pay for care-related expenses
Auto-generated checklists before important events such as doctor’s visits
and more... designed to keep you and your loved one healthy.