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Designed for millions of families globally

Over 1 in 4 family caregivers report difficulty coordinating care, and 64 million Americans will require care at home by 2025.  Evva is the solution to a growing problem that many families already regard as difficult and isolating to navigate.  We set ourselves apart by being a comprehensive app – guiding not only the patient, but the entire family through the caregiving journey.

An ecosystem that brings innovation to families

Our platform is designed to integrate with various partner solutions and systems such as IoT devices and WiFi sensing to allow for holistic monitoring of the patient, while accelerating Evva's market penetration.

Building the information superhighway

Each individual’s experience is personalized as our AI addresses their unique social, familial, and individual determinants of health to ensure the support they’re getting is always relevant to them. Building this swarm intelligence allows for earlier intervention, which reduces preventable hospitalizations and saves costs for families and providers alike.

How we'll grow

Our journey begins with addressing dementia, but Evva’s entire platform is designed from the ground up to eventually encompass all forms of caregiving. Evva is built by an experienced team with a tremendous amount of combined healthcare and business development experience, headed by two former Deloitte & PwC healthcare leaders. But most importantly, we’ve all been caregivers too.

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