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Helping you deliver the best care

We do the legwork once they're out of your office. Evva guides patients and their families by encouraging care plan adherence and delivering holistic data between all involved parties, saving you billable time and reducing preventable 30-day patient readmissions.

Get the full picture

Evva functions as an on-demand, round-the-clock care manager for your patients. Our AI delivers insights to help you understand your new patients better, while monitoring solutions and up-to-date patient data can help you offer the best possible care to your panel.

Integrated with your workflows & systems

Evva is designed to connect with EHR and Claims databases and is capable of reading and writing to most major FHIR-based systems. Centralizing information onto our platform unlocks visibility into patient status at home, allowing greater opportunity to bundle services.

Bringing partners together

We are always looking to broaden Evva’s horizons and team up with other forward-thinkers to evolve healthcare to the next level. Interested in becoming a part of our collaborative network?  Fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.

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