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Overwhelmed while caring for a loved one at home? Let us help you navigate it like a pro!

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Evva is built around patients and their families to reduce stress, improve outcomes, and lower costs for everyone.

Whether you’re trying to understand a recent diagnosis, or planning for future care, Evva's A.I. will guide you through the process, help you stay organized, and match you with the right support within your community.

Active guidance for patient AND caregiver care
Easily coordinate tasks with the care team
Get matched with relevant support in the neighborhood
Receive personalized care and financial planning - from diagnosis to end of life
Access anytime, anywhere
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Comprehensive care using the best technology + personalized support from your community.

Need help managing daily care?

Receive step-by-step active guidance as Evva guides you between clinical visits

Need support or an advocate?

Coordinate better with family and your own community with Evva’s Advocate

Struggling for reliable information?

Get access to reliable, interactive, and content curated just for you, all in one place

Wondering what's next on the journey?

Let Evva match you to the right benefits, help you get paid, save more, and do more!

We are proud to receive the support of leading forward-thinking health systems and accelerators

Recent News Updates

Evva was crowned the champion of the inaugural CodeLaunch Atlanta with 39% of nearly 400 attendees!

CodeLaunch Atlanta Accelerator 2021
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"Evva provides localized resources for caregivers as well as artificial intelligence driven recommendations to predict what they may need next.

Erin Schilling
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Evva’s platform is a “superhighway” of information for caregivers juggling information from multiple doctors

Maija Ehlinger
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"A key differentiator for Evva is its focus on localized CareWatch communities that allow neighborhood level caregiving support.