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Releasing Summer of 2020

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Need for dementia care has the largest societal impact after cancer

Every 65 seconds, someone in U.S. develops Alzheimer’s, with African Americans facing 40% higher risk than Caucasians (26% vs. 19.3%)

Evva is designed for care excellence

Our platform is customized to meet the needs of different users - Patients, Caregivers, or Providers.

Care Team Collaboration
Engages your community care team to support caregiving.

Personalized Care Plans
Helps you take better care of yourself and your loved one.

Customized Content
Guides you through every step as needs evolve.

360-degree Active Management
Enables more hands-on care before issues arise.

Secure Provider Access
Allows you to safely and privately stay connected with the clinical care team.

Built for Exceptional Experience
Reduces your stress with easy to use cutting-edge modern design.