Designing the future of dementia caregiving in the community

Meet our industry-leading

The Evva Experience

Cheaper, smarter, and easier to use than traditional care platforms

Navigate all caregiving responsibilities in one place

Our AI looks after your loved one and your needs and guides you at every step of the care journey.

Evva uses socioeconomic & clinical parameters to continuously monitor and adapt to your needs and preferences.
Evva gives you access to a robust network of curated information, tools, and services right at your fingertips.

Level up caregiving with our Smart Care Advocate

Do what you need to do without being overwhelmed with guidance tailored to you.

Evva's embedded evidence-based interventions can help improve outcomes and reduce burnout.
Evva acts as your smart care advocate, bridging the gap between you and clinicians with centralized care information.

Manage care and finances, proactively

Caring for a loved one is a team effort. Our AI + community work together to help you coordinate it seamlessly.

Evva's community-driven features make it easier than ever to pool together resources and ask for help.
Evva matches you with the right benefits, discounts, and support you are eligible for AND helps you manage them.

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