Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Evva health?
What types of caregiving does Evva support?
Why in-home caregiving?
How much does Evva cost?
I am a caregiver of a dementia patient. How do I get others to help out?
How do you keep my information safe?
How can I try Evva out?
What is Evva’s mission?
How does Evva help caregivers?
How does Evva stand out from other platforms?
What is the platform’s current stage of development?
How can I invest in or partner with Evva Health?
How does Evva involve practitioners in the care process?
How does Evva benefit me or my practice?
How can I refer a patient to Evva?
Does Evva have built-in EHR integration?
Which EHR/health systems do you integrate with?
Which insurance plans does Evva integrate with?

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