Designed by caregivers, for caregivers

Evva helps you easily navigate, manage, and plan for future care, so you can focus on being there for your patient or loved one.

Building caring communities for families

For caregivers and their loved ones.
Get 24x7 Support
Expand your skills with personalized step-by-step help from our A.I. and community.
Get Paid & Manage Finances
Access eligible financial resources and tools, such as state incentives, discounts, and more.
Manage Responsibilities
Delegate tasks among a patient’s care team on a centralized, easily accessible platform.
Access Community Resources
Get help, find the best solutions, and connect with caregivers around the country.

Enabling professionals to deliver personalized support

For professional caregivers, financial planners, care coordinators, and more.
Match with Clients
Get connected to families whose needs align with your expertise with our A.I. algorithms.
Stay Current on Training
Become a better service provider with customized training plans aligned to your goals.
Coordinate Care Transitions
Communicate and stay up-to-date on your client’s wellbeing, even when you’re not there.
Manage Burnout
Monitor stress and manage it before you burn out with our community-focused approach.

Empowering providers to deliver integrated care

For primary care physicians, specialists, and ancillary providers.
Reduce Readmissions
Ensure continued guidance and monitoring for families between visits with our A.I.
Manage Burnout
Automate certain documents in EHR, summarize findings, and more with our A.I. to help reduce your workload.
Personalized Guidance
Allow our A.I. to be an extension of you to help families navigate community resources and solutions.
Detect Needs Early
Monitor patient & family needs proactively with our A.I.-led personalized swarm intelligence.

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